WomANZ Application Form

This is an application to a PRIVATE Discord. These forms exist to keep the community safe and secure.

------ ABOUT-------
WomANZ is an online community designed to support and empower women in the Australian and New Zealand gaming industry. This community focuses on content creators and esports but is welcoming to anyone who feels they can benefit or contribute. It aims to create a safe community for women in Australia and New Zealand where they can discuss challenges and seek support and advice and help them succeed in their career.

------ GOALS-------
- To create a safe online community for women in the gaming industry at large, with a specific focus on Twitch
- To create a space where women can discuss challenges and concerns and gain advice from others in the industry
- To share knowledge and experience around best practices
- To help women gain confidence to stand up to online abuse through the strength of support and solidarity

------WHAT TO EXPECT-------
- A safe community where you can discuss issues you're struggling with
- A positive community focused on supporting women
- A zero-tolerance policy on negative or defamatory comments
- Occasional community-based charity events
- Occasional friendly community tournaments

Q. I'm not in Australia or New Zealand. Can I apply?
A. Unfortunately not, this is an Australian and New Zealand focused initiative. We encourage you to look for similar communities in your country. If you’re from Australia or New Zealand but living overseas you’re welcome to join but please understand this is an ANZ focused initiative.

Q. I’m not a woman, can I apply?
A. This is a community for people who identify as women. Non-binary content creators are welcomed to apply if they see value in joining a women focused initiative.

Q. I'm new to streaming. Can I apply?
A. Of course! Please remember we focus on supporting the community with issues and challenges regarding streaming and the industry. This is NOT a community to learn how to stream, self-promote or ask how to get more viewers.

Q. How do you assess applications?
A. We look at your Twitch/YouTube/social channels to determine you are someone taking part in the gaming scene in some capacity. If we can't confirm your identity you won't be approved so add as much detail as possible.

Anyone who displays signs of online bullying on social media or who don't abide by platform terms of services will not be invited to the group.

Q. I’m not a content creator, can I still apply?
Of course! We focus on Twitch broadcasters but welcome anyone (YouTubers, Professional gamers, or industry professionals) who would benefit or contribute to a woman ANZ-focused community.

Q. I have someone who I want to invite to the community, what do I do?
A. Please get them to fill out this form. Likewise, if you were referred, we’d appreciate the name of your referee in the form below.

Q. I have questions or don't feel comfortable sharing this information.
A. No worries! Please email womanz.gg@gmail.com or send a direct message to @Naysy on Twitter

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What are you looking to get out of joining the WomANZ Community and how do you feel you can contribute? *
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Do you have any other useful or important information for us to help us assess your application? (E.g If you're not a content creator how do you hope to benefit or contribute to the community)
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