Love Moves -SOAR- Spring Break 2018
Love Moves is a part of the Student Ministry at the Meeting Place where students reach out and love their friends, our city, and the world. Each Spring Break students embark on compassion experiences -- this year our focus is on Winnipeg's core area, especially the neighbourhood right around our church. As we reorder our lives to align with the compassionate cause of Jesus, we will be transformed. Join us this Spring Break -- it will change your life!
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We assume you are a Christ follower. What difference is knowing Jesus making in your life these days? *
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We are excited you are applying!
This is an opportunity for us to get to know more about who you are and for you to express what's going on in your life these days. You should think through your answers and do a good job, but don't get stressed out trying have the perfect responses.

Once you've finished the application (and hit send!) we will be in touch about the next steps.
Remember: Space is limited. Priority will be given to students who attend TMP Youth faithfully and who demonstrate a teachable attitude.

** NOTE **
The Application Deadline is Sunday, January 21.

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