Children's Ministry Registration Form
Registration Form and Agreements
Email address *
Parent's Name 家長姓名 *
Parent's Phone 家長電話 *
Relationship with children 與孩童的關係是 *
Home Address 住址 *
Home City 城市 *
Zip Code 郵政編碼
Father's or Mother's information 父親或母親的資料
Father's or Mother's Name 父親或母親的姓名
Father's or Mother's Phone 父親或母親的聯絡電話
Emergency contact person 緊急聯絡人(Beside parents 除了父母之外的人)
Emergency person's phone number 緊急聯絡人電話
Relationship with child 和小孩的關係
How many children are there in your family at age under 12? 家中有幾位小學(12 歲)以下的兒童? *
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