House Orientation Aide Application for Autumn 2019
Approximately 140 positions available for Autumn 2019; each House has between three and four House O-Aides.

A successful House O-Aide is resourceful, creative, friendly, and outgoing as they serve as a primary contact for new students in their House during Orientation Week and beyond. House O-Aides are selected by Housing and work with the Housing & Residence Life staff under the supervision of their Resident Head(s).

House O-Aides are directed by their Resident Head(s) to complete projects within the House during Orientation Week. Duties include, but are not limited to: welcoming new students to campus, assisting with the first-year move-in process, creating a sense of House community, and serving as a leader on House Activities Night and other events during Orientation Week.

House O-Aide candidates must:
1. Complete this online application
2. Attend one (1) information session at one of the following dates & times in the McCormick Tribune Lounge. (Located in the Reynolds Club - 1st Floor):
Monday, April 8th - 6:00 pm or 6:30 pm
Friday, April 12th - 3:00 pm or 3:30 pm
Monday, April 15th - 6:00 pm or 6:30 pm
*Tuesday, April 23rd- 8pm or 8:30pm*
*Please contact Assistant Director of Residence Life Chris Hardin ( if you cannot attend one of those information session times.
3. Live in the House in which they intend to work as a House O-Aide. Please note on the application if you are changing Houses for next year.

Applications are due on Friday, April 26, 2019 at 4:30pm. We hope to contact all selected candidates on or before Friday, May 3rd.

(Dates and times are subject to change; final dates will be set in early May and will be shared at the orientation session.)

In order to become a House O-Aide, the following expectations must be met:
• Selected candidates will attend an orientation session in May (Date TBD)
• Move in during the week of September 16, 2019
• Attend orientation and training
• Not work at other jobs (on-or off-campus) during training or Orientation Week
• Not be an active leader or participant in an RSO or RSO event during training or Orientation Week
• Be available to their Resident Head(s) before and during O-Week
• Work with Resident Head(s) to prepare and decorate the House for the arrival of new students
• Lead informal trips to various locations throughout Hyde Park and Chicago
• Meet with Resident Head(s) and follow through on established expectations and projects
• Assist Resident Head(s) with implementation of all Orientation programs and events
• Be available to help welcome students in their Houses during Pre-Orientation
• Assist House staff with move-in
• Be available to organize and create House banners for Convocation & Class Procession
• Be available to help organize House Activity Night
• Be available to attend Resident Deans Activity Night
• Attend the Aims of Education Address and the subsequent colloquium in your House
• Serve as a mentor for all new students and transfer students
• Abide by all Housing & Residence Life Rules and Regulations for the duration of Orientation 2019
• House O-Aides may not host overnight guests in the rooms during Orientation 2019

House O-Aides will:
• Develop leadership and interpersonal skills
• Mentor and support House residents in the incoming first-year class
• Move into Housing early
• Use provided dining plan to dine at your House table during training and throughout Orientation
Candidate Information
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House in Autumn 2019 *
UChicago Email Address *
Year in School *
What are the most important qualities or skills you bring to the House O-Aide role? *
Discuss an aspect of your House (a tradition, an event, etc.) that you enjoy and would like to carry on. *
What is one resource or campus tradition at UChicago that you wished you had learned about during O-Week? *
What is one challenge for students at UChicago that you wished you had learned about during O-Week? *
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