The Expansive Money Makeover  - 1:1 coaching Application
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I'm so excited you're here!

Applying for this 1:1 coaching program is the first step to committing to changing your financial situation.

To ensure we are a great fit for each other, please take some time to fill out this application.

Once you have completed this application I will reach out to you within 24 hours to discuss the next steps.
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What's your biggest struggles when it comes to money? *
How does your bank account make you feel? *
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What financial goals do you have in the next 6-12 months? *
What do you find are the biggest roadblocks when it comes to actually reaching your financial goals? *
What are you doing to change your financial situation that you feel isn't actually working? *
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What other high touch 1:1 coaching, course or financial workshops have you taken before, if any? *
Are you willing and able to invest in making the changes you are looking to achieve above? *
Does anyone else have a say in the decision making process? *
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