HIA WOTW Nomination Form
With careful and full thought, please provide your nomination and reason for someone you believe has the potential to become Worker of the Week.

The person you wish to nominate must:
。 Be active
。 Be Trainer I and above
。 Be working in HIA for at least 1 week
。 No active disciplinary
。 Never won WOTW
。 Not an Elective

Please do not write in their names if they do not meet the requirements or if they were nominated the previous week.

Last week's Nominees: Ilse, Orcei, Mahi101

Previous WOTWs can be found here:

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Thank you!
Your nomination will be put into consideration. Please remember we have a limited number of nominees for WOTW. View the alerts channel on slack for any updates on WOTW.
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