Rebel Coding Crash Course Interest Form
I'm looking for 5 people willing to pay $125 to learn web-development over four-weeks through 8 hours of real-time virtual classes, and 5 hours of 1-to-1 coaching ...

This information will be used to match your availability and interests with other interested individuals, and so discern, well, actually, it's to see if there'd be any interest to begin with ...

A Note about schedules:

There will be two 1-hour lectures per week, while you will be able to schedule 1-on-1 coaching time Monday-Friday between 9am and 9pm & Saturdays from 10am to 5pm UTC-5

5 spots are available for monthly.

FYI: You will *not* be added to any email lists, or the like, by providing any information on this form.

Thank you!!!

P.S. We will eventually be offering a web3 track, though participants will always needs to start here, that said, this course is designed for those who are starting from zero when it comes to coding ... so don't be scared if you think you know nothing, or next to nothing, I built this for y'all !!!
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