Trinity Scholar L3 Open House Registration
Open House Schedule:
-- L3 Junior (Grade 4 to 6) 9:30 ~10:30 am on the 3rd Saturdays
-- L3 Core (Grade 7 to 9) 1:30 ~ 2:30 pm on the 3rd Sundays
-- L3 Honor (Grade 10 to 12) 9:30 ~10:30 am on the 3rd Sundays
Registration deadline: 3 pm the Friday before the Open House date
More about L3:

-- L3 Junior (適合4-6年級) 每個月第三個禮拜六 上午 9:30 ~10:30
-- L3 Core (適合7-9年級) 每個月第三個禮拜天 下午 1:30 ~ 2:30
-- L3 Honor (適合10-12年級) 每個月第三個禮拜天 上午 9:30 ~10:30

欲參加免費體驗課程日期 When would you like to join the L3 Open House? *
若您不確定應該選擇Junior, Core或是Honor課程, 或是想報名其他時間, 請註明在問卷最後的 "其他建議" If you are not sure which to choose from those 3 course or would like to register , please indicate in the last section, "comment".
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