Harrah Middle/High School Student Survey
We want to know what YOU think about your school.
This is NOT a test.
There are NO wrong answers.
YOUR answers are private.
No one will be told how you answered.
I go to the following school: *
Students have lots of chances in my school to get involved in sports, clubs, and other school activities outside of class. *
I have people at school that care about me. *
I feel safe at school. *
I have an adult at my school that I can talk to about a problem I am having. *
I have a teacher that encourages me to do my best. *
I have a teacher that gives me extra help outside of our regular class. *
Students at my school are well-behaved. *
My school has clear rules and consequences for behavior. *
Students at my school treat each other with respect. *
Students at my school are treated fairly by adults. *
Students at my school are often bullied. *
Harassment, intimidation, and bullying by other students are a problem at my school. *
I feel like I belong at this school. *
Teachers and other adults here listen to students' ideas about the school. *
My family wants me to do well in school. *
My parents ask if I’ve gotten my homework done. *
My parents would punish me if they found out I skipped school. *
You have finished this survey. Thank you for helping our school.
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