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Student Application - Academic Year 2017-18
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Short Essay Questions (aprox. 200 words each)-
Please answer the following questions. The advisory committee will use the answer to your questions to assess your understanding of the program; desire to participate in the Umoja Learning Community; and commitment to your educational pursuits.
Short Essay #1
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Short Essay #2 Read the Umoja Community Practices then answer the following question.
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Short Essay #3
Describe what it means to be a Scholar. (Include what characteristics and behaviors successful students demonstrate.) Next describe how you plan to be a scholar and contributing member of the Umoja Scholars Learning Community.
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Applications submitted before December 15th will have priority consideration for Winter Quarter, space is limited. Each Fall the Learning Community is limited to no more than 30 students. When space is available applications are open to ensure we have up to 25 students (enrollment limit for ENG 101). We have opened applications for Winter Quarter 2018 in order to fill the program to capacity.
Contact Information: Email or call 206-592-4651 Liz Word, Faculty Coordinator ( ) - 206-592-4651 Visit our website for more information: Any questions?
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