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Physics Unlimited will be offering an inaugural online summer school and networking opportunity in August with the goal of benefiting a wide range of students. The virtual Summer School portion of our program is geared toward those with a prior lack of exposure to physics due to limited offerings and opportunities in their high schools. We will prioritize US-based high school applicants (we know that 40% of high schools in the US do not offer physics courses!) but may accept applicants from anywhere if you are in a similar situation.

If you are such a student with limited opportunities to physics in your high school and have a desire to spend up to a few weeks in August exploring a new subject area through our newly developed practical, hands-on, and (we believe) fun and interactive curriculum (see taught by two current Harvard PhD candidates and a fourth-year UC Berkeley student, then this program is for you!

Please take a moment to fill out this brief form, and we will get in touch with you once a sufficient number of other students apply. (That said, please feel free to circulate this among any of your classmates if you would want to learn together.)

In parallel, we will be hosting an online networking program for high school students interested in physics to interact with some of their peers as well as older students who have studied physics in some advanced capacity at university, whether they are pursuing graduate studies in physics or related fields or supplemented their other STEM studies with physics. This is a great opportunity for high school students to meet like-minded people and learn about what it's like to study physics, do research, and more beyond high school. The networking sessions will be held throughout August, and students can attend a session that suits their time and interests. If you are interested in attending any networking session, please also fill out the corresponding form on our program webpage at Thanks!
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