Bookings for Visage Academy (Dr Michael Aicken) TRAINING COURSE - see the dates below!
Please complete the form below so that we can try to fit you into a clinic space that suits. Once we receive your completed form we'll see how best we can fit you into the day of your choosing and send you a link to pay your £50 booking fee. Bookings are only complete once the booking fee has been paid. The booking fee will be deducted from the total cost of your treatment(s) on the day.


£40/area Botox
£80/ml filler*

£70/ML filler*

£50/area Botox
£90/ml filler*

€70/ml filler*

*All filler treatments available on these courses except Tear Troughs. We offer tear troughs as a demo on our London course only (treatment by Dr Michael Aicken) at a price of £275. At 1-to-1 teaching sessions, trainees will often perform the tear trough procedure under Dr Aicken's supervision and on these courses the price for this treatment is £200/ml.

Private appointment with Dr Aicken in east Belfast: £190 for 1 or 2 areas Botox, £285 for 3 areas botox. Filler: £300 for 1st ml, £200 / ml thereafter in same consultation.

NOTE - if your requested treatment is too vague (i.e. just 'botox' or just 'filler') your application may not be considered. Please request specific treatments as this makes it easier to offer you a space if we have something suitable.

For other treatment options, see the facemap here:

Day for treatment *
Treatments that you'd like - PLEASE BE SPECIFIC - for example, rather than typing 'Botox' please say 'Botox to forehead' or 'Botox to forehead, frown and crows feet' etc. NOTE THAT IN MOST CASES WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO OFFER A SPACE UNLESS YOU ARE SPECIFIC HERE ABOUT WHICH BOTOX AND WHICH FILLER TREATMENTS YOU ARE REQUESTING. *
Note that if you aren't sure you can forward a photo to that will help form the basis of the discussion. Note that if we need to clarify any details as they aren't clear enough here, this will reduce your chances of being offered a space on the course.
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Preferred appointment time (we'll do our best to accomodate you but we can't absolutely guarantee it). Training clinic appointments in Dublin run from 12:30-17:00, in London appointments run from 12:30-16:30 and in Belfast, from 18:00-21:30 (i.e. in the evening)
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