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Our Markets
Loch Lomond Shores Gathering Farmers Market runs every Saturday and Sunday
Farmers market stalls cost £60 per day, £100 for the weekend.
Single Gazebos cost £90 per day, £150 for the weekend.
Food trucks cost £120 for the day, £200 for the weekend.
Double food stalls and gazebos cost £200 for the weekend.
There will be a £5 charge per weekend for power.
No 'bought in' products can be sold as handmade at the Farmers market

Loch Lomond Shores Artisan Market runs every Saturday and Sunday
Crafter stall with table costs £40 per day, £70 for the weekend
Own Gazebos cost £60 Per day, £100 for the weekend
There will be a £5 charge per weekend for power.
We no longer accept bookings for candles or jewellery at the Artisan market

Loch Lomond shores Events
28th/29th Oct - Halloween Festival, 18th/19th November - Christmas Lights, 2nd/3rd Dec - St Andrews
Craft stalls £60 per day, £100 for the weekend
Farmers market stall £80 per day, £150 for the weekend
Hot food/burgers/pizza/van/gazebo/pitch £125 per day, £225 for the weekend
Alcohol stalls/vans/gazebos/pitch £150 per day, £275 for the weekend

Helensburgh Market in the Square runs on the second Saturday of every month
£40 for a Craft Stall, £50 for own craft gazebos, £45 for a Farmers Market Stall, £60 for food vans/gazebos

Sloans Artisan Market runs every Saturday and Sunday.
Cost £45 for a Saturday, £35 for a Sunday, £70 for a weekend.

Oak Mall Producers Market will run inside in Chicane Square on Friday 27th October, 24th November, 22nd December
Farmers market stalls £40

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Stall Fees
Stall fees at each market are detailed above, in the 'Our Markets' section. We reserve the right to increase or reduce these fees . Traders are required to pay for stall bookings promptly, in advance, via BACS of cheque, once they receive their invoice. We will still allow some traders to pay cash on the day, by prior agreement, if they cannot pay via BACS or cheque.
Public Liability Insurance and Hygiene Certificates
Public Liability Insurance and Hygiene Certificates should be sent to:

Jordan Clark
Market Operator
Public Liability Insurance:
No bookings will be accepted without Public Liability Insurance
Can you provide a copy of your PLI certificate to accompany this Booking Form
EHO hygiene certificates
No food/ produce stall bookings will be accepted without current food handling and food/kitchen hygiene certificates
Can you provide a copy of your current food/kitchen hygiene certificate
Can you provide a copy of your current food handling certificate
Hand Wash Station
Hot Food/Cooking stalls must provide their own hand wash and utensil wash stations
I do not require this
Do you have your own hand wash station
Electricity for cooking and lighting is provided to a limited number of stall holders only. Other stalls will be provided with a festoon lights. If you have an agreement with the management that your stall will be provided with access to electricity, please confirm all electrical equipment you will use has a current PAT label
Terms and Conditions
Stall Hire Scotland – Terms and Conditions applicable to all Markets

1 Notice is required if you are unable to attend any of the Market days you have booked or confirmed, by email to, at least 24 hours in advance
2 The occupation of any stall for one or more markets in succession does not constitute a right for future use of that stall or pitch
3 The allocation of stalls is solely at the discretion of the management.
4 Stalls cannot be shared or sub-let without the agreement of the market organiser
5 Most markets are outdoors, therefore stallholders should be prepared to trade, no matter what the weather
6 Trading times are advertised in the event listings on Facebook. Stallholders should be ready to trade 15 minutes before the advertised start time, and have the area in front of their stall clear.
7 All stock must be kept within the stall provided
8 Stalls must not be moved from their positions
9 Please do not place A-frames or blackboards in public areas without permission
10 A copy of your Public Liability Insurance and any relevant food hygiene and/or kitchen certificates must be sent or given to to the market management before the start of trading
11 The stallholder on the day of the market is responsible for complying with all local and national laws and regulations regarding the production, labelling, display, storage, handling, cooking and sale of goods. Sellers of alcoholic beverages must hold their own occasional license.
12 All stalls must comply with current Trading Standards and Health and Safety requirements
13 All stalls must display their trading name and contact details. This can be in the form of a banner, poster or business cards
14 Stallholders will be provided with a covered stall and a 6x2' table or an 8x4' farmers market stall and must provide their own suitable table covers, preferably black, reaching the ground at the front of the table for craft stalls.
15 Stallholders are not provided with a chair, please bring your own if required
16 Each stall will have festoon lighting. Stallholders can bring their own battery operated lights if extra lighting is required
17 Electricity is not normally provided for stalls, unless agreed in advance with the management.
All electrical items must have current PAT labels
18 Please take responsibility for making your stall look attractive, you will have a far better response from public
19 We ask stallholders not to pack up early, as it affects the look of the entire market. Please stick to market set up and finish times.
20 Stallholders are responsible for their own stock/stall if they leave it unattended at any time
21 Stallholders must dispose of all their rubbish at the end of each trading day
22 Fire exits must be kept clear at all times
23 There is a strict No Smoking policy at all stalls and space adjacent to stalls for all stallholders and staff. This included electric cigarettes
24 No alcohol to be consumed by stallholders or staff at stalls or within the market area
25 If the management feel the weather/wind will make the market unable to go ahead, you will be notified by telephone or email by 11.30pm, the night before the event. The management will do everything in their power to make sure all markets go ahead as planned.
26 Stallholders are expected to promote and support the market using their websites and social media pages
27 Stallholders will treat each other with respect. Foul or offensive language will not be tolerated.
28 Grievances should be directed to the Market Manager who, in turn, will be responsible for resolving the dispute

I have read the Market Rules and agree to abide by them
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