Lowcountry Handbell Festival Online Registration Form
Please note that our event is a Festival (Massed Ringing Event only) for 2020. Friday night will include the first rehearsal of the Challenge Piece and a Reading session. Our clinician, Stevie Berryman, is an excellent teacher and you will learn a lot from her! If you are bringing a group, please register as a group and pay with one payment.
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Will your group/you be ringing the Challenge Piece? *
For groups that need an extra challenge, this is an extra piece that will be rehearsed on Friday night and during the first part of lunch on Saturday. Yes, you will have plenty of time to eat lunch and won't have to stand in a long line!!!
Willing to host orphan ringers? *
If you have space in your group for orphan ringers, please let us know the available spot/spots.
How many non-ringers/chaperones are coming with your group? $10 charge for lunch/snacks
Special Dietary Needs
Please list ringer by name and dietary need
Space is critical, so please be careful in listing your table footage and/or number of 8' Tables to rent
Table Footage needed *
Will you be bringing your own tables? *
If you are renting 8' tables, how many do you need?
Tables are 8' long so take that into consideration when you decide on the number of tables you need. Tables are $12 each and can be paid for along with your registration at the Palmetto Bronze store https://squareup.com/store/palmetto-bronze-inc
Please pay online or send your payment by check to Pam Jeffries 101 Barrington Ct. Summerville, SC 29483
Have you been to the Palmetto Bronze store to pay for your registrations and tables? https://squareup.com/store/palmetto-bronze-inc *
Payments should be made at time of registration. Groups, please submit only one payment per group (not individual). Early bird registration is $40 per person before January 17, 2020. Box lunch is included with registration. After January 17, 2020, registration is $45. Registration will close on February 21, 2020. $5/registration is non-refundable and refunds will not be processed after February 21,2020.
Option to ring a Solo Piece

If you would like for your group to ring one solo piece during the final concert, please fill out the section below.
Title of Piece
Length of Piece (minutes)
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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