MICCAI Social Event

Dear fellow MICCAI participants!
This year's event is a bus trip to visit the wonderful beaches near Plymouth, MA (relaxing, swimming, games), the Plimoth Plantation (17th century English village, Mayflower II) and enjoy dining like a pilgrim. The cost of the trip is US$60, including transport, entrance fees, and dinner.

If you would like to join the social event on Friday 19th, please sign up by filling out this form!
Limit 55 places - so be in quick. Payment needs to be received in advance and can be made via PayPal, or in cash at during the first 2 days of MICCAI (14th+15th)

Thank you!
Your MICCAI Student Board

Trip details for Friday, Sep 19th:
12:30: Departure from Boston
13:40: Arrival at the beach near Plymouth
15:00: Visiting the Mayflower II
16:00: Visiting the Plimoth Plantation
17:00: Dinner like a Pilgrim
18:30: Departure for Boston (arrival approx. 19:30)
Estimated cost: US$60

More info can be found online:

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    By registering you confirm your participation, you are aware of the costs of US$60, and will transfer the amount via paypal in advance or pay in cash on the first day of the main conference to one of the MICCAI Student Board Members. Note that this event is subject to a minimum number of registered participants and may be cancelled if there are not enough participants. If that was the case, you will be notified as early as possible and you will be reimbursed the full amount, should you have already transferred the money.
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