Black Student Alliance Leadership Team Application 2019-2020
BSA is moving in a new direction! The goal of the BSA Leadership Team is to spend time focusing on building a new BSA.The team would be responsible for dividing responsibilities among themselves, and aside from traditional BSA events (BSAI Farewell Lounge, etc.) the main responsibility of the team would be to rethink a BSA that best reflects the current needs of Black Students on Campus. Applications will be open until April 5th and members will be made aware that following Monday. For questions feel free to reach out to anyone on the current BSA board.
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What Class Year are You?
What role do you think BSA should serve in the community? What work do you think it should be doing?
What team work experiences have you had? What have they taught you about yourself?
Why would you like to be a member of the BSA Leadership Team? *
What are changes you would make to the current structure of BSA? How do you think these changes would benefit both the board as well as the constituency?
What other responsibilities do you foresee yourself having next year (2019-2020)?
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