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Please wait to fill out this form until you are sure you can attend the Decolonize Un-Conference in Chicago on November 9th and 10th at Que4Radio in Humboldt Park. You do not have to attend both days in full, but we highly encourage you to due to the nature of the space we are trying to create. If you have any questions about the event, form, or need accommodations to attend you may contact KR (they/he) at

The Decolonize Un-Conference is a space for advocates and activists of the global majority to (un)learn, heal, and cultivate community through acknowledging the personal, local, and national impacts of colonization. Topics vary from city to city, and have included race, anti-blackness, anti-indigeneity, the gender binary, art as activism, relationship to land and animals, food, body image, mental health, navigating academia, language, and spirituality. The un-conference is currently in English only. We are hoping to be able to offer un-conferences in Spanish and other languages in the future.

Only people of color may attend this event. White allies are encouraged to support by volunteering and making a donation/reparation. All ages and experience levels are welcome, and childcare can be provided. We ask that everyone who fills out this registration form do their best to attend the entire event on both Saturday & Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm. This event is free, and we provide free lunch, snacks, and water on both days.

We invite you to sign up to become a speaker at the un-conference. Speakers are offered an honorarium for their time, energy, and labor. Please review the various topics for which we are seeking guides.

Saturday, Day 1: What is Colonization? Understanding the Roots
This portion of the experience will entail foundational information regarding what colonialism and colonization is, and its impacts on people of the global majority (replaces the term people of color and minorities) and our cultures.

Saturday, Day 1: Anti-Blackness & Colorism in Our Advocacy and Activism Today
In this portion of the experience we are seeking to identify and explore the role of anti-blackness and colorism within advocacy efforts and activism. We invite guides to be prepared to define anti-blackness and colorism, the role colonization has played in anti-blackness and colorism, and how to organize, advocate, and activate communities through a pro-black lens.

Saturday, Day 1: Decolonizing Our Relationships Through Healing (Part 1)
This portion of the experience will identify and explore the role of colonization and colonialist ideologies in our relationships and how we can create healing. We invite guides to have a background in understanding the role colonization plays in how we cultivate relationships.

Sunday, Day 2: Healing Our Relationships: To Self, Others, and Our Environment (Part 1) This portion of the experience will identify and explore how we relate to ourselves, each other, and our environment through a colonizing lens. We invite people who practice decolonizing modalities and understand cultivating healthy relationships.

Sunday Day 2: Healing Our Relationships: To Self, Others, and Our Environment (Breakout Circles) This portion of the experience will consist of breakout circles in which attendees will be guided through how to practice decolonizing their relationships through various healing modalities.
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