Segway Resale Application Form
The information you provide in this form will help us decide whether to go ahead with you as a reseller and partner of our brand. All responses are kept confidential and never be discussed or released to anyone outside of Segway Ninebot Australia. Within our company, your information will be viewed only by the minimal number of people (usually two) in respect and protection of your privacy.

We provide warranty to all of our resellers. Any unit found faulty (with a manufacturer fault) with 30 days of your customer's purchase can be replaced and claimed from us (quick repairs are expected for very minor issues). From 30 days onward, the reseller will offer a repair under warranty (using pre-purchased parts) and send any faulty parts to us. These faulty parts will then be reimbursed/replaced by us. Further details on warranty will be clarified as requested during our correspondence with you.

We value your business and look forward to hearing from you. We endeavour to respond to all applicants within 48 hours.
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Business Details
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This helps us determine shipping costs to send you the goods. Leave this blank if you don't plan on receiving goods (e.g. for a drop-shipping arrangement).
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Approximate monthly website traffic
This helps us understand the level of exposure you will offer the brand.
B&M Store Count - How many physical stores do you have? *
Type '0' if none. For reference, most applicants have 0-1 stores.
Store Locations - Please list the suburbs where you have stores (if applicable)
Offline/online sales - Please give an approximate estimate of your ratio of offline/online sales
This is to help us understand the space where you will most predominantly be present. You may leave this blank if you prefer not to disclose this information but any indication is appreciated.
Repairs - Are you equipped to carry out repairs for your customers? *
Repair Agent - Are you interested in being a repair agent for Segway in your area? *
I.e. For customers who did not purchase from your store.
Product Interests
Products - Indicate the products you are interested in selling
Please find information on all of our products here:
Please provide an approximate indication of how many units you might expect to sell per month or how many units of a similar product you currently sell per month
This is to get an indication of how many units we might expect to supply to you. We understand that it is difficult to estimate this and that it takes time to build up a new brand's reputation in your store.
Further Comments and Questions
An opportunity to cover anything not in the form.
Please indicate here if there is anything else you would like to tell us about your store or desired arrangement
If you have any questions for us, please indicate them here
Note that price lists will be provided if we decide to proceed with the next phase of the application. This will allow you run the numbers and decide how profitable our range will be for you. All our partnership arrangements begin on cash upfront payment terms.
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