PTA Survey:  Fall 2020
The Arrowhead PTA wants input from you for this school year!

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E-Mail Address  (Required if you would like any response or follow-up)
Incoming Grade Levels of Children
Which of the following activities would your family participate in if they are online only? (This may mean Zoom or a web page with videos, pictures and links) *
Are paid student activities (through a vendor such as Smart with Art, FLY foreign Languages, Coding with Kids) helpful / wanted this year if they are all virtual? *
If you are interested in vendor supplied activities remotely, assuming it doesn't interfere with remote schooling, what time frame do you like best?
What kinds of before/after school activities would be of interest, assuming they would be initially online? *
Would single session workshops for things like art be of interest? *
Would parent/child online activities be of interest? *
PTA Meetings are currently taking place on Zoom.  What timing works best for you?
What would you most like to see at PTA Meetings?  What would you like less of?   How can we make them most effective?
Would you like to see the PTA organize a Community Service project? (Socially distanced and in line with Covid restrictions) *
What kinds of community service projects would you most like to see?
Would you be interested in coordinating a community service project? *
Which of the following social opportunities would you find helpful and consider participating in? *
If the PTA Organized Guest Speakers via Zoom, what subjects would be most helpful? *
DIRECTORY - Every Year the PTA has worked with the school to create a directory of students by grade with parent contact info.  It typically comes out around Winter Break.  Is this directory helpful / wanted? *
Would you like to help the PTA this year by offering your talent / time?  (Assuming a task was a good fit) *
I have an interest in hearing more / helping with the following committees.  (Note: some of these committees may remain on hold and some may be virtual only)
PTA Budgeted Expenses
Typical Year Revenue
Before this survey, were you aware that the majority of our revenue comes from our Giving Campaign Fundraisers and that the majority of our funding goes towards educational support?   *
What Goals should the PTA Focus on this year?
What would you like to see from the PTA during remote schooling and social distancing times?    How can we be the most helpful?   What else would you like to tell us?
Thank you!
(Did you enter your email address?  We will need it to get back to you if you want to help!)

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions!   We are looking forward to working with you this year.  

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