Assembly Game Volunteer Participant
For the SCHS Spirit Assembly on Friday, September 20, 2019
You will be notified by Thursday, September 19 if you are selected.
You will be called down to the gym early on Friday, September 20 to review how the game will work
Go Red! Go Blue! Go Saints!
Go Red!  Go Blue!  Go Saints!
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GAME #1 Spirit Pong
4 Students per grade will be needed for this relay-style game.
3 of these students will line up at the front of the gym
The 4th student will go to the table in front of their student section.
Each student will be given a bowl of ping pong balls.
The objective of the game is to get the ping pong ball into cups at the other end of the table.
Bouncing of the balls on the table are allowed.
Once getting a ball into a cup, players are to grab the cup and run it to the end of the gym where the rest of their team are.
There will be a bucket to dump the liquid into, spilling the liquid will be penalized.
If a cup spills, the player will have to run to their line and tag in a new player to restart. All cups earned prior to a spill will still count, however, the cup in play is disqualified.
After the first person secures a cup for their team, they will tag-team the next student in their line to try for another cup. The first team with five cups completed will win.
First-place winners will gain 2 spirit points, second place gain 1.
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Game #2 - FOWLING
4 Students are required for this game. This is a relay-style game.
One person from each grade will start with a football.
The objective of the game is to knock down as many pins as you can in two tries. Similar to normal bowling
Each student will be allowed bowl with the football TWICE, even if a student manages a strike.
After each student’s two bowls, the next student will take their place.
This is NOT a timed game.
Once every student has gone through, the grade with the most points scored will win.
Winning team gains 2 spirit points, second place earns 1.
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