Market Research
ASKING FOR HELP! I’m looking to interview women (purely for my own research) to help me expand a new teaching product I’m working on.

I'm in the process of taking my 1:1 coaching into an online class format. Typically I have worked with family-centered female entrepreneurs looking for direction and focus when it comes to self-fulfillment, financial prosperity, and personal identity.

Ladies... are you feeling like you’re struggling with figuring out what do I do with my life NOW?

** Singlehood. Marriage. New moms. Empty-nester. Midlife. Divorce. Lost job. New job. 9-to-5er. Entrepreneur. **

Every time you hit a milestone, does it feel like you are going it alone? Is that voice in your head screaming WHAT DO I DO NOW AND HOW DO I DO IT?

Thanks with all of my heart! - Lynette Young

PS - This isn't a sales 'thing' - I'm not going share your email address or your answers. It makes me crazy when others do that to me - so I won't do it to you!!
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Family? Spouse? Single? Kids? Ages?
What are your biggest frustrations when you think about reclaiming your identity for the second half of your life?
What is your biggest fear about moving into midlife?
How have you searched for the solution for this on Google or YouTube? What keywords or phrases did you use?
Which books have you read on this topic?
Have you bought any courses on this topic? If so, which ones, how much were they and what were they missing?
Who are your favorite people to follow that talk about this topic?
What other investments have you made to try to solve this problem? i.e. books, workshops, therapists, conferences, home remedies
How much do you think you’ve invested into trying to solve this problem up until now
What does life look like when you have a strong sense of self and purpose?
If you were to die tomorrow, what do you hope people say about you and how you impacted them?
What is the ONE thing you feel like you’re missing about how to re-empower the second half of your life?
If you could wave a magic wand and create a program that delivered everything you need, what would it include?
What would you be willing to invest for your dream program?
Fill in these blanks for me - I want to go from ________________ to ________________ so that ________________
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Anything else you think might help my research?
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