Collaborative Summit Session Proposal
The Babson Collaborative 2021 Global Summit will take place virtually, March 15-18, 2021.

Entrepreneurship Education when your Campus is the World

While the global pandemic has forced educators to adapt to online and hybrid teaching, this transition has also identified opportunities to rethink the geographical boundaries and limitations of the university. What are the implications for learners, educators and educational institutions when geography matters less, technology matters more, and new paradigms present unprecedented challenges and opportunities? How do we take advantage of these opportunities​ to improve and enrich our curriculum and our ecosystems?​

Faculty, staff and administrators from Collaborative member institutions around the world

Selection Criteria:
When evaluating proposals, and considering the full summit agenda, the committee seeks a variety of delivery formats (panels, workshops, demonstrations of teaching exercises or assessments, experiential learning activities, etc.). Strong preference in selection will be given to sessions that:
- Involve presenters from multiple Collaborative member schools
- Highlight collaborations between member institutions (teaching, research, student exchange, etc.).
- Include interactive components that engage the audience
- Offer tangible take-aways (teaching guides, exercise outlines, grading rubrics, etc.)

You are welcome to submit multiple proposals.

Lead presenter/primary contact: name, title, email, institution: *
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Session length, including Q&A and/or discussion (we are looking for sessions of various lengths, from 30 minutes up to 90 minutes): *
Learning objectives (2-3): *
Please describe the technology needs you have and how you will engage with the audience to keep them engaged (example: video, polls, Q&A, break-out rooms): *
Describe any tangible take-away(s) you intend to provide (examples: teaching guides, exercise outlines, grading rubrics, etc.):
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