1:1 Mentorship Application ~ A Transformational Journey
If you have arrived in this space, it is because your Soul is yearning for more. This is a journey of coming home to the remembering of who you are, a journey in which you dive deep into your healing, conditioning, wounds and patterning - so you can lead from a place of liberation, acceptance and true self-love.

If you’ve been feeling held back. 

If you haven’t been able to expand into your wholeness and complete radiance. 

If there’s a part of you that’s desiring more. 

You have a willingness to grow, and you’re ready to experience the fullness of what life has to offer.

I feel you, I see you and I hear you...


- You’re ready to up-level in all areas of life, and you’ve been searching for deep transformation. 

- You desire to rise into your radiance, magnetism and confidence.

- You’re ready to shed layers of fear, shame, guilt and resistance

- You’re willing to release all masks so you can lead a life of authenticity and freedom.

- You are ready to learn how to create boundaries so you can own your voice, truth and expression.

- You desire to connect to your pleasure, sensuality and sexuality.

- You are ready to get raw, vulnerable and real so you can take ownership of your life.

- You are devoted to doing the inner work to liberate your sense of self-worth.

- You want to cultivate a deeper sense of self-love and self-acceptance.

- You want to understand the body on an emotional, physical, spiritual, mental and energetic level.

- You desire to re-code your life and create a new paradigm through an array of embodiment practices and entering the quantum field.

- You want to understand your emotions and how to express them healthily to release stagnancy from the body. 


- 2 x 1-hour online mentoring sessions per month
- Access to me via WhatsApp for guidance and support during our time together
- Powerful embodiment practices
- My love, devotion, and commitment to you and your journey ❤️

Packages are 3 or 6 months in length and you can choose your preferences below.

I work selectively with a handful of female bodied beings during either a 3 or 6 month container so I can completely devote and invest my energy, time, presence and love into your healing. I am here to guide you into liberation, empowerment and a deeper understanding of who you are, free from conditioning, wounds and patterns that have kept you small.

If you feel my call and have a willingness to commit yourself to the potency of this work, please answer the following questionnaire. Please note that your answers will be kept highly confidential and are just for me to get to know you a little better.  

I have limited space and am only available for Soul clients who are ready to dive deep into expansion. 

If I feel we are the right fit, you will receive an email or message from me on what the next steps will look like. 

Much love,
Sascha x
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