2020-2021 PTSO Executive Board Nomination Form
Are you someone who wants to help shape the 2020-2021 school year for your children? Are
you enthusiastic about Riverwatch Middle School and its students? Are you ready and willing to be part of an amazing group of dedicated and talented parents? Then the Riverwatch Middle School PTSO Executive Board needs you!

We are currently looking for nominations (you may nominate yourself or others) for the following positions*:

2 VP of Events
VP of Hospitality

*Position descriptions can be found on the RMS PTSO website: RMSPTSO.org

A potential nominee:
 Must be a PTSO member prior to the election and a remain member in good standing during their term on the board.
 Should be relied upon to give PTSO a satisfactory level of priority and commitment. Board meetings are held once a month. Attendance at board meetings and general meetings is mandatory.
 Must see through any events or projects they are involved on from start to finish.
 Be willing to attend PTSO training for the position to which they will be elected.
 Must be enthusiastic and supportive of the PTSO.
 Should have good people skills and be a team player.

Nominations are due March 12th.

If you have any questions about Executive Board service, please contact us at riverwatchmiddleptso@gmail.com.
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We appreciate your interest and willingness to volunteer for Executive Board service. A member of the nominating committee or current board will be in touch with you soon.
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