2019 Summer Research Institute Application
This is the application for the 2019 Summer Research Institute. The form should take approximately 10-20 minutes to complete. *PLEASE READ ALL INFORMATION CAREFULLY*
ASRI is a collaboration of Arkansas NSF EPSCoR and the Arkansas School for Mathematics, Sciences, & the Arts.
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If you could attend either one, please check both boxes so we can best plan the event. We will notify students of assigned dates closer to the event.
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Are you involved with any of these programs or organizations? Check all that apply.
What is your current major or degree program? *
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Do you plan to go to graduate school? *
With which racial or ethnic group(s) do you identify? *
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Are you a First Generation College student? *
Have you heard of EPSCoR before? *
Are you currently working on an EPSCoR-funded project? *
For example, The Center for Advanced Surface Engineering (CASE)
Do you have any experience working in a research lab? If so, please describe it. *
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How did you find out about this event? *
Please rate your comfort level or level of knowledge of each topic. *
This has no effect on student selection, it is just a pre-survey to measure your skills before the event.
No knowledge or experience
Little knowledge or experience
Somewhat knowledgeable
100% confident in knowledge and experience
Interview Skills
Writing a Scientific Paper
Talking with Administrators
Graduate School Programs
Graduate School Admissions
Lab Research Techniques
Ethics in Scientific Research
Communicating with Scientific Peers
Job Opportunities in Science
3D Printing, Computer Design
Research Funding & Grants
Community of Arkansas students and faculty
What do you hope to learn during this event?
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Do you have transportation to Hot Springs, AR for the event? *
If not, we can possibly arrange a carpool for you from your home town.
Transportation reimbursements are available and are calculated based on $0.42 per mile from your college campus to the ASMSA campus, NOT from your hometown. Students being reimbursed will need to submit a W9 tax form. We cannot provide reimbursement for airfare or out-of-state travel. *
For example, UAPB students who drive a car to the event will be reimbursed $60.48 (42 cents per mile, 144 miles round trip). Students who carpool in other attendees' cars will not be reimbursed. Only 1 student/driver per vehicle can be reimbursed.
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