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Tell me about you and your experience as a teacher. FYI, you don't need to answer every question.

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Are you currently teaching in a K-12 environment?
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How many years of teaching experience do you have?
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At what level do you currently (or most recently) teach?
What subject do you teach?
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Where do/did you teach? (check all that apply)
This school year, you have been teaching:
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Why did you become a teacher?
Since starting teaching, prior to the pandemic, would you say your satisfaction level with your teaching experience has changed?
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What is your current overall satisfaction level with your teaching experience?
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How has that changed since the COVID-19 pandemic started?
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What do/did you enjoy most about teaching?
What do/did you find to be the most challenging aspects of teaching?
Have you ever considered leaving teaching? If so, why?
If you have ever left the teaching profession, did you return or would you consider returning?
What do you think are the biggest challenges facing educators today?
Please share anything you would like to about being a teacher or if you want to expand on any of the previous questions.
Can I quote you? If so, what can I include?
If you would like to share a specific quote that could be used in a blog post or other report, please include it here. You can use your full name, first name, or no name. Or, if it's a quote from someone else, include their name (for instance, Einstein).
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