2020 Elegant Trogon Surveys - Volunteer sign up
Tucson Audubon Society needs your help to count SE Arizona's Elegant Trogons again. Jennie MacFarland of Tucson Audubon is coordinating and Rick Taylor will once again be compiling the count. This is the only systematic count of these amazing birds and is lots of fun! This count is also in partnership with Arizona Field Ornithologists (AZFO).
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Participation Waiver - By checking “yes, I agree” below, I certify to have read and agree with all the terms and conditions set forth in the participation waiver View Waiver Here: https://goo.gl/Phjwep
The 5 Elegant Trogon Surveys - sign up below:
Atascosa's Elegant Trogon count on Saturday May 16th (this area is generally west of Nogales, AZ)
Patagonia Mountains Elegant Trogon Count on Saturday May 23 (near Patagonia)
Santa Rita Mountains Elegant Trogon Count on Sunday May 24 (near Green Valley)
Huachuca Mountains Elegant Trogon Count on Saturday May 30 (near Sierra Vista)
Chiricahua Mountains Elegant Trogon Count on Sunday May 31 (near Portal)
General Questions about You and your preferences for survey days
Please describe your level of birding skill? Keep in mind that all levels are welcome for this survey if you are willing to read a bit about trogons and listen to recordings of their calls.
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How would you describe your ability to hike and walk uphill over uneven terrain?
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Are you planning on bringing a partner with you? If so, is that partner also registered through this form?
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Can you drive on survey days? What kind of vehicle do you have? Specifically is it suitable for dirt roads? How about rough roads?
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Are you comfortable in back country and off the beaten path? It is no problem to say "no" here - there are plenty of routes on trails etc.
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Do you have a regular route you would like again on any of these surveys? Do you have an area you would like to request or suggest?
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Thank you so much for signing up for the Elegant Trogon Surveys! If you have any questions or want more information please do feel free to call Rick Taylor at (520) 558-2351 or Jennie MacFarland at (520) 209-1804.
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