Spring 2019 Academic High Impact Practices "HIP" Symposium
===Open to all faculty and classes===
High Impact Practices "HIP" Symposium
Thursday and Friday, May 9th and 10th
8:30 am to 4 pm
HML Ellipse Gallery and Table Rancheria Rooms

The symposium is intended to provide a community-style event that empowers students to showcase their work as a result of any academic high-impact practice (e.g.):

• Problem or Project Based Learning
• First Year Experiences
• Internships
• Study Abroad

The event is open to multiple styles of student presentations, including posters, easels, videos, art displays, etc.
We encourage you to market this opportunity as extra credit AND/OR as a resume-boosting event to your students.

To accommodate the variety of modes we expect students to share their work, we are collecting information on:
1) Which faculty members would like their classes to participate and
2) Anticipated student needs in order to present work in the community-style forum

***Those of you with more than one course, it'd help to have a new form filled out for each course you'd like students presenting.

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Presentations are typically for 1 hour time slots that allow students to share their work and get peer feedback. One spot is either one student or a group of students scheduled for 1 hour.
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