Pesadilla antes de Navidad XI (2017)
Are you ready to live an incredible Nightmare before Christmas? We are celebrating the 11th
edition of Madrid's classic Pesadilla event! Come help us solve the big mystery and enjoy the Christmas atmosphere in the capital of Spain :)

WHEN: 15-17 December
WHERE: Madrid
HOW MUCH: €55 (accomodation in the city center, 2 meals per day, thematic parties, and all activities included)

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You have been travelling in the Orient Express for many hours. At some point you realize you need to go to the toilet but when you go back to your seat you find that Eames, the man who was sitting in front of you, is dead. You look around and see the following characters: Lady Erzebeth (74), owner of a great fortune; Mr Weinfrey (53), her butler; Stracks (38), a homeless man; Arianne (28) undercover agent; Mindy (12) a little girl that travels with her dog Chippie (3). What has happened? *
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