MTG Cube Survey
User survey to get a baseline and a general sense of the cube community. I am providing user research to CubeCobra. Hopefully it will help or validate updates in the future

This survey should take no more than 5-10 minutes.
How many years have you played Magic The Gathering? *
How many Cubes do you own? *
Which format do you primarily cube for? *
How many years have you designed for cube? *
On average, how large is your cube playgroup? *
Select your top 3 reasons when determining to add a card to your cube *
Price of card
Mana cost
Color/Guild association
Card type
Power Level
1st Choice
2nd Choice
3rd Choice
Which best describes your cube design abilities *
Which best describes how often you edit your cube? *
What is something you like about CubeCobra? Why? *
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What is something you dislike about Cubecobra? Why? *
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What is something you would like to add to Cube Cobra? If anything?
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How would you rate your experience with Cube Cobra? *
The Worst
Extremely Good
Additional Feedback
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