Empathy Gym -                                                     Mournings & Celebrations Worksheet        
Instructions:  There are two parts to this worksheet.  Part 1 asks about a recent and/or alive conflict or difficult situation.  This section will step you through ten questions that will help you reflect on how you have recently  used one or more of certain NVC skills.  At the end of Section 1, please write more fully about your experience and the skills that you did or did not use, what you learned, and your mournings and celebrations regarding your process.  To earn credit for completion, please complete Part 1(the questions and open-ended space) at a minimum.  Below the last question of Part 1 is Part 2.

Part 2 is a space you can choose to use if you are in WAIT and want to do Self-Empathy in a journaling format. If you choose to journal your Self-Empathy process for any given situation, please write down your thoughts as they come to you. Make sure to indicate whether your thought is OFNR.  See example below.
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