Game Audio Awards 2020 - Submission for Sound Design category
This is the official form to enroll for the Game Audio Awards 2020 Best Game Sound Design category.


- Only sound design from 2019 official full releases (No DLC's, no early access / soft launch)
- Platforms: PC / Mac, consoles, mobile

Last day of submissions is 15.1.2020. For any questions, please e-mail us at

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Please post a private link to a video featuring around 3 minutes of footage from your game, edited as you please, that highlights the sound design and it's implementation in your game. This video may include in-game cinematic content, but at least half of the video must be interactive gameplay. Please do not include any marketing based materials such as 3rd party trailer footage - purely content that the player can discover in game. You may include in game music in this trailer if you feel it compliments the sound design, but it is the sound design alone that will be judged. For convenience, we prefer if videos are delivered in 1080p, h.264, 10mbps format.
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