2019 Volunteer Application (EN)

Pint of Science Belgium is looking for volunteers to join our various teams across the country. Typically, each team is responsible for organising 1 event per night during the 2019 festival (20-22 May 2019). Generally, each team focuses on one general topic among those covered by the festival (see here: https://www.pintofscience.be/about ). In practice, the team is responsible for finding the venue, contributing to develop the programme of the festival, laising with speakers, arranging logistics, promoting the festival, and managing its resources. Each team reports to and receives support from their local City Coordinator as well as the Central Team managing the festival at national level.

All volunteers should:
- be available during the 3 nights of the festival (20, 21 and 22 May 2019) at least from 6pm on.
- agree to use the free application SLACK (https://slack.com/) to communicate with other volunteers.

PS: you do not need to be a scientist to volunteer. Everybody is welcome!
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Choose your city
Below are the cities for where we expect the festival to take place in 2019. Please choose and rank 2 cities, in order for us to better allocate volunteers where they are needed. Options will progressively be removed as teams are taking shape. If you would like to create a team in city that is not in the list, please contact us at belgium@pintofscience.com
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Choose your preferred themes
Each team will be focusing on one of the Pint of Science themes (listed below). Please select 2 themes you would be interested in working on. We will try to accommodate your wishes, however please be aware that we may propose you a different team in case there is no opportunity for the themes and cities you have selected.
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Your (ideal) role as a Team member
Teams will organise themselves autonomously, however we try to ensure team members have the set of skills necessary to the organisation of such festival. We need volunteers that are good with logistics, media/communication, content development, partnership management, etc. In the section below, please select all the roles you think you would be comfortable with. This is only indicative.
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We use the free application SLACK to communicate among volunteers. Please select YES below to confirm you are willing to use it to communicate with other volunteers and the Central Team. *
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