Bolt Developer Survey 2021
👋 Hi there, fellow Bolter! Thank you for being here.

This survey contains 18 questions, it will take about 10 minutes to complete.

We want to involve the entire Bolt Community in shaping our favourite CMS's future forward, the Bolt Developer Survey 2021 is part of that, giving you the chance to make your voice heard.

Over the next few minutes, let us know all your thoughts of the day (Bolt-related or not 😋) down below 👇
1. How many content management systems (CMSs) have you used?
Clear selection
2. For each of the CMSs you used, please give a brief description of what you like the _most_ about it?
3. For each of the CMSs you used, please give a brief description of what you like the _least_ about it?
4. What was the first version of Bolt that you used?
Clear selection
5. How did you first learn about Bolt?
6. What is your role in the Bolt project?
7. What was the first thing that you did with Bolt?
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8. After your first experience with Bolt, do you remember the "aha" moment that made you stay? What was it?
9. How many Bolt websites have you worked on or been involved with?
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10. How good is Bolt and its community at each of the following?
Pretty bad
Lower than preferable
Just about OK
Pretty good
I do not know
Ease of getting started and learning Bolt
Core developer features (configuration, Content Types, Twig Templates, etc.)
Editor features and ease of understanding
Core extensions: forms
Core extensions: users
Core extensions: Article & Redactor fields
Slack and community support
The way in which the core team communicates releases and announcements
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11. Of the above, which did you rank the highest and why?
12. Likewise, which did you rank the lowest and why?
13. With the major Bolt 4 rebuild behind us, what do you want to see in Bolt going forward?
14. What is your opinion about the Bolt Developers Directory ( If you are not sure what it is, be sure to check it out: it's a list of designers and developers in the Bolt ecosystem.
15. Imagine being Bob for a day, what's the first thing you would start/build/change/do with Bolt?
16. Wrapping up, anything else you'd like to share
17. In case we need to clarify or talk some more, do you mind leaving your email or Slack name?
18. Are you interested in the results of the survey? If you leave your email, we'll share our findings with you.
Before you complete the form...
Be sure to check the Bolt People Directory - a list of people working and building with Bolt. Want to join?

Feel like having a site you built featured on the official Submit a showcase here:

To learn more about both initiatives, check the announcement here:

Thank you for your time! ☕️
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