Become a Thinq2Win Pub Quiz Host
Thinq2Win hosts several pub quizzes on an ongoing basis. If you think you'd be good at intelligently engaging a room-full of people by asking quiz questions, join our panel of hosts.

All pub quiz hosting gigs are paid and can be done on a freelance & part-time basis.

(If you want to know more about us, visit Thinq2Win is part of Choose To Thinq.)

Here's what to do:

0. Watch examples on our YT channel:

1. Read these guidelines:

Everything you need to know is in the above document.

2. The most important part of your submission is a link to your audition video. Once you've made it, submit details via this form. That's pretty much it.


3. Still need help? please write to with the subject line: "ISSIF 2001"

Read on.

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You could have acted in a play, or done stand up, recited poetry, hosted a debate or a quiz etc. Any experience of being in the spotlight.
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Make sure you've adhered to all the guidelines. If you don't have a video, then please DO NOT SUBMIT this form. We'll only write back asking you to send a link to a video. (In some cases, we may not even bother writing back.)
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