Kid Authors Program - Meet My Villain
Just like every great story needs a great character, many stories have a fantastic bad guy! Share with us a character who might make life difficult for our main character. I will pick a character (or parts of characters) I like and introduce our character to the class this weekend!

Answer as many of the questions below as you can and then send your form to me.

Have fun with this!

What is your villain's name?
If your character doesn't have a name, leave this blank
Your answer
What IS this character?
If your character is something other than a person, tell us about him/her/it.
Is it a pig? A house? An alien? Tell us!
Your answer
What gender is your character?
Boy or girl? Man or woman? If your character is something like a book or a building, it's still okay if you think of it as a girl or boy. You're the author--it's up to you!
How old is your character?
This doesn't have to be an EXACT number, like 12. You can say "around 11," "6 or 7," or "as old as my parents." If you don't really know this, it's okay to leave it blank.
Your answer
Does your character stand out by wearing certain clothes or looking a certain way?
Tell us how your character looks. Purple hair? Always wearing a bow tie? Thick glasses that make their eyes three sizes too large? Here's the place to tell us.
Your answer
Does your character have any special power or talents?
Your answer
Does your character have any bad habits or what I called "character flaws"?
For example, Harry Potter doesn't always think things through and gets into danger.
Your answer
Does your villain have any good qualities?
Not all bad guys are ALL bad. Maybe your villain has a nice side. Let's hear about it.
Your answer
Does your character live somewhere special?
Your answer
Anything else I should know?
If I didn't ask about something you think I should know, tell me!
Your answer
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