Kairos Fellowship Trips 2019
Please use the form below to register your interest for one of our trips for the summer of 2019.

Any questions? Email Brian LaLonde at blalond@gmail.com

This form registers your interest to have your son participate on the Kairos Fellowship adventure trips; however, it is not the end of the registration process. The Kairos staff will confirm with you that your son is in the right trip age group and that we have room on the trip. Then, when the following forms are ready, you will receive an e-mail requesting that you complete:

• Parental Consent and Medical Authorization Forms
• Payment Information

Trip Details
Rocky Mountain Jamboree - Wyoming
9th grade graduates (or older)
$700 (not including transportation costs to our MI starting point)
Friday, July 5 - Sunday, July 21 (two weeks)
Maximum: 9 boys (can sign up until Thur, June 13)
Minimum: 5 boys by May 24 or trip is cancelled.

Algonquin Adventure - Canada
8th grade graduates
$500 (not including transportation costs to our MI starting point)
Friday, June 14 to Sunday, June 23
Maximum: 14 boys (can sign up until Sat, June 1)
Minimum: 6 boys by May 18 or trip is cancelled.

Appalachian Rendezvous - Virginia
7th grade graduates
$400 (not including transportation costs to our starting point)
Saturday, July 27 - Saturday, August 3
Maximum: 16 boys (can sign-up until Saturday, July 20)
Minimum: 4 boys by June 8 or trip is cancelled.

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