Student Pledge Of Professionalism
In my role as a student enrolled in paralegal educational program with the goal of
working in the legal profession, I aspire to a standard of conduct that warrants the term
“professional.” I seek to earn a reputation of honor, trustworthiness, and professionalism
among the legal community and the community at large.

As a student dedicated to the professional and ethical conduct of the profession to
which I aspire, I will prepare myself to become a legal assistant/paralegal in accordance with
the following Pledge of Professionalism:

1. I will take reasonable measures to inform any future attorney-employer with whom I interview of potential conflicts of interest arising from my other employment or interests insofar as such other employment or interests would present a conflict of interest as if it were that of the lawyer.

2. I will understand the attorney’s Nevada Rules of Professional Conduct and the Supreme Court Rules, in order to avoid any action that would give the appearance of professional impropriety.

3. I will not establish attorney client relationships with or set legal fees for any person or entity; nor will I give legal opinions or legal advice to any such persons or entities.

4. I will not knowingly engage in, encourage, or contribute to any act which could constitute the authorized practice of law.

5. I will conduct myself in a manner that will encourage trust of the legal profession by members of the public.

6. I recognize and will abide by the principle that the legal profession is devoted to public service, improvement of the administration of justice, and the uncompensated assistance to persons who cannot afford representation.

7. I will treat the other students enrolled in my school and other professionals with courtesy and respect.

8. I recognize that my conduct is governed by standards of fundamental decency and courtesy.

9. I recognize the services of a lawyer are essential whenever the exercise of professional legal judgment is required.

Upon changing my membership to that of an Active Voting Member, I will execute the Legal Assistant/Paralegal Pledge of Professionalism.
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