Team Systems Diagnostic
Think about your team, and choose the appropriate response for each of the questions below.
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1. Role Clarity - We have clearly defined roles for every team member which highlight key ‘people’ ‘data’ and ‘strategy’ responsibilities. *
2. Activity Cycle - We have a clearly defined activity cycle which includes meetings, huddles, check-ins and time for professional development which we almost always adhere to. *
3. Team Development - We have a shared understanding and agreement about our teams current level of performance and next steps for growth and development. *
4. Team Purpose - We have a clearly articulated team purpose which differentiates us from other teams and shows how we fit in to the wider organisation. *
5. Vision and Goals - We have clearly defined team goals which stem from our agreed vision for the future of our team and organisation. *
6. Action Plan - We have a comprehensive action plan for all our team goals detailing all milestones and accountabilities which is updated in team meetings regularly. *
7. Team Profile - We regularly complete/ review our team profile identifying and discussing personality types that align or clash and how to manage the risks of group think and conflict. *
8. Above and Below Line - We have clearly articulated important examples of team specific ‘do’s and dont’s’ of appropriate and inappropriate behaviour to minimise risk of unhealthy team conflict. *
9. Calling Behaviour - We have developed a team specific protocol to call each other on any problematic behaviour before it becomes an issue. *
10. Team Meetings - We use a high performance meeting agenda and chair and moderator in all our team meetings. *
11. Meeting Dynamics - We complete a quick meeting dynamics assessment at the end of each team meeting noting strengths and areas to improve. *
12. Team Wellbeing - We use a team pulse system to continuously measure and manage our team's wellbeing. *
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