PSV Grant Application S23
(accepting applications from E-Council until March 5th, 11:59PM)
Please fill out the form below to begin the PSV due diligence process. Don't think too hard about your answers, this is for us to get an initial understanding of your venture. We are excited to hear from you!

As a reminder, here is the criteria for a potential PSV investment: 
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Name & Company Role (i.e. Sarah, CEO) *
Princeton Email *
Company Name *
List your team and mentors/advisors *
Describe your team profile (core team and any mentors/advisors). Why are you the team to win?
Product Link
If possible, include a link to your company's website, app, product demo, etc, to help us understand your product.
Describe the problem you are solving. *
How did you identify the problem? What are customer pain points?
Describe the solution you've created. *
How are you solving customer pain points? What is novel about your solution? How are you different?
Market *
What is your target market and market size? Who is your target customer segment?
Competitor Landscape *
Who's currently solving the same or adjacent problems? What makes your idea unique and defensible against competitors?
Business Model *
How would you monetize your product? How would you sell to customers? What is your distribution strategy?
Risks *
What are the biggest risks your company faces? Why would your company fail?
Current Traction *
List current traction you've achieved (i.e. recruited three team members, won pitch competition, number of user, made initial product/engineering work).
Future Milestones *
What future milestones do you plan to achieve over the next year (i.e. complete MVP, launch new feature, land first customer)?
Use of Funds Description *
What do you want to accomplish with our grant? Briefly describe your top-priority goal and how our funding would help you achieve it/impact the growth trajectory of your company. For example, "PSV funding would enable us to achieve our next milestone of [X] because [Y]." On the flip side, you can also think about why your company won't survive without PSV funding.
Use of Funds Sheet *
Please list specific use of funds and attach as a Google Drive link. Copy this template:

Note: we are looking for milestone specific requests, so each funding ask component should be tagged to a milestoneWe will help you finalize if you advance to the next round of applications.
Optional but highly recommended: Please upload a 60s video (google drive link or unlisted youtube video) where you introduce your team and product
Are there any other founders / startups we should know about?
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