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Team fee must be paid in full before team will be added to the schedule - League play is self refed
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I understand Fees must be paid before the start of game one. If registering as part of a team, all individuals must be paid in full to complete. For online checkout, use code VB40OFF for discount registration. *
I acknowledge that I am aware that participation in this activity may involve risk of injury. A serious injury may result in physical impairment or even death. I hereby assume all the risks associated with participation and agree to hold VolleyZone 360 LLC, LifeZone 360 West Dundee LLC, its employees, agents, coaches, and volunteers harmless from any and all liability, action, debts, claims or demand of any kind and nature whatsoever that may arise by or in connection with my participation. I assume all responsibility and certify that my I am in good physical health and am capable of participation. I also give the VolleyZone 360 LLC and Lifezone 360 West Dundee LLC, its coaches or volunteers’ the right to publish, reproduce, or otherwise use my photographs, and audiovisual recordings that include me for advertising, program website publications, brochures or any other lawful purpose. I also agree to receive marketing emails from volleyzone360. *
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