Bus Rapid Transit Interest Survey
We believe many Chicagoans want to see BRT implemented in our city, but that the strength of our voices is diluted because transit riders are spread out among many geographies and demographics. This survey is an opportunity to consolidate our voices and show elected officials that we want BRT now. We understand that by publicizing this survey on Commuters Take Action social media channels that the population of participants is not likely to be representative of the population at large.  We also understand that not all survey participants support expanding public transit or BRT specifically and invite you to share your honest opinion.

The following questions refer to BRT in general, unless otherwise specified. The survey will take less than 15 minutes to complete.

What is Bus Rapid Transit? In many ways, Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) works less like a bus and more like a CTA train! A few key features of BRT:

- Fares are paid when entering the station, before boarding the bus
- Buses have their own protected lane so they are unaffected by traffic
- Stops are placed every quarter to half mile
- Traffic signals are calibrated to turn green or stay green when a bus approaches
- BRT approaches the efficiency of CTA rail with an average expected speed of 16 mph, compared to 21 mph on the Red Line
- Travel times are anywhere from 35-50% shorter compared to regular buses, meaning a trip that takes 1 hour on a CTA bus could take as little as 30 minutes with BRT!
- BRT is often much, much cheaper to construct than subways or elevated rail lines, meaning multiple BRT lines can be constructed for the cost of one rail line

To aid in participants' understanding of what BRT is, the proposed Ashland Avenue BRT map from 2013 and rendering of a BRT station are depicted below. 

Demographic information such as your age, gender, race/ethnicity, and zip code will be collected at the end of the survey.
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An example of a BRT station at Polk and Ashland.
*Rendering courtesy of <https://www.transitchicago.com/ashlandbrt/>
A map of the Ashland Avenue BRT route originally proposed by CTA in 2013.
*Map courtesy of <https://www.transitchicago.com/ashlandbrt/>
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