Delicious Everyday Reader Survey 2017
To deliver YOU the best content possible I need to know a little bit about you and what you'd like to see on in the year ahead.
How long have you been reading Delicious Everyday?
How often do you visit Delicious Everyday?
How much of each post do you read?
How often do you cook recipes from Delicious Everyday?
Would you like to see nutritional information with each recipe?
Do you like to see multiple photos of the each recipe?
Do you have a specific dietary requirement? (check all that apply)
What type of recipes are you particularly interested in? (check all that interest you)
Are you interested in the following types of posts?
Delicious Everyday shared a couple of videos to accompany recipes in 2016. Would you like to see more of this in 2017?
Thinking about recipe videos, would you prefer the video featured close up action or would you like to see a person (ie me) cooking and talking you through the steps (more like a traditional cooking show)?
If you answered no to whether you'd like to see more videos in 2017, would that opinion change if the videos were more like a traditional cooking show?
If you follow Delicious Everyday on Facebook would you like to see Facebook live videos demonstrating quick recipes?
What social media platform do you use most and would most like to interact with Delicious Everyday on?
What types of posts would you like to see from Delicious Everyday on social media?
Would you like to see Delicious Everyday produce a cookbook? And if so, would you buy it?
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