The questionnaire about nutrition
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1. What do you usually eat for breakfast? (you can choose more than one answer) *
2. How many meals do you eat a day? *
3. How often do you eat fast food (junk food)? *
4. How often do you dine out? *
5. Do you drink sweet drinks? *
6. Do you eat healthy food? *
7. Do you think healthy food can taste good? *
8. Do you eat supper? *
9. How many portions of fruit and vegetables do you eat per day? *
10. What time do you eat your last meal? *
11. Do you eat snakcs at night? *
12. How often do you throw away your food? *
13. Do you know how many calories do you need per day? *
14. When shopping for food, do you read the list of ingredients on the label? *
15. Do you think that teenagers at your age eat healthy food? *
16. Do you know what BMI is? *
17. Do you know how to calculate BMI? *
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