JFREJ Development and Database Associate Application **Please read intro!!**
At Jews for Racial & Economic Justice, we practice hiring with intentionality and an understanding of how many factors, such as race and class, decrease equity in hiring entry level positions. We strive to build a different hiring process that is more equitable and transparent.

As this is an entry level position, we are not requiring prior experience to apply. We believe entry level positions should be open to people who are passionate about our work and eager to learn, no matter their past experience.

With equity in mind, we want to be transparent that will only be reading cover letters and answers to this form in our first round - not resumes. Please do not send or include a resume.

We know this is not traditional. We hope it creates a more equitable process where biases stemming from the privilege to secure unpaid internships, college, or other class-based opportunities which often determine the outcome of receiving an entry level role are lessened significantly.

In addition, while we ask for your name and contact information, those reviewing the first rounds of interview will have these applications anonymized to further reduce hiring bias.
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If you are a JFREJ member, please briefly outline your past involvement (i.e. paying dues and keeping up to date through our emails, showing up to JFREJ Neighborhood Groups, being involved in solidarity fundraising, involvement in one of our current or past campaigns, participation in a caucus, arts and culture work, etc). Maximum 100 words. *
Our motto in the Development Department is "MOVE MONEY BUILD POWER." Tell us how you think fundraising helps build powerful grassroots movements. Maximum 100 words. *
Hi all--Kirstie here, Development Director at JFREJ, breaking the fourth wall of job applications! So much of our work in March, September, November, and December is phonebanking and asking lapsed members to renew their membership. Some days, I call 250 people, and whoever we hire for this role will do that volume of calls alongside me, too! This person will call at least 2,000 people a year asking them to renew their dues and build power with us. They will also lead our thanking of new/renewed members, which means this person is on the phone every single day (yes!) with members, just like I am. We really need someone in this role who is EXCITED about that. Are you excited? Tell us why you LOVE phonebanking and talking on the phone. Maximum 100 words *
Please include a cover letter here, in the body of the form, up to 750 words. Be creative, be yourself! Tell us why we should hire you! This is your time to shine and tell us what excites you about JFREJ, fundraising, and this role. Please do not include your name in this section even in your sign off, though you are welcome to sign off with an alias :) *
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