Compilation of a Remote Sensing Image Fusion Atlas (RS-IFA)
Project funded by UTM Q.J130000.2709.00K71 / Project Leader Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christine Pohl
Remote sensing delivers multi-modal and -temporal data from the Earth’s surface. In order to cope with these multi-dimensional data sources and to make the most out of them, image fusion is a valuable tool. It has developed over the past few decades into a usable image processing technique for extracting information of higher quality and reliability.

As more sensors and advanced image fusion techniques have become available, researchers have conducted a vast amount of successful studies using image fusion.

However, the definition of an appropriate workflow prior to processing the imagery requires knowledge in all related fields - i.e. remote sensing, image fusion and the desired image exploitation processing. From the results, it is can be seen that the choice of the appropriate technique, as well as the fine tuning of the individual parameters of this technique, is crucial.

There is still a lack of strategic guidelines due to the complexity and variability of data selection, processing techniques and applications. This project forms part of a larger initiative to streamline data selection, application requirements and the choice of a suitable image fusion technique. It aims at collecting successful image fusion cases that are relevant to other users and other areas of interest around the world.

From these cases, it is anticipated that common guidelines which are valuable contributions to further applications and developments will be derived. The availability of these guidelines will help to identify bottlenecks, further develop image fusion techniques, make best use of existing multimodal images and provide new insights into the Earth’s processes. The outcome is a remote sensing image fusion atlas (book) in which successful image fusion cases are displayed and described embedded in common findings and generally valid statements in the field of image fusion.
You have shown your expertise in the field by your publications, and I would like to invite you to participate in the compilation of the remote sensing image fusion atlas.

The atlas is going to be published as a book with a publisher. In order to participate, please fill in the questionnaire and provide (a) successful remote sensing image fusion case(s) to be published in the atlas. If your contribution is suitable you have the opportunity to act as author for one chapter of the Image Fusion Atlas. In publications derived from the questionnaire, your papers will be cited accordingly.
In order to be able to create the atlas, it is necessary that you provide text and images that have no copyright restrictions. If there is a third party involved, it would be very helpful if you could indicate the copyright and contact person so that I can ask the copyright owner to release the image for publication in the atlas.

Feel free to forward the link to the questionnaire to your colleagues working in remote sensing image fusion. Last but not least, I would like to invite you to join my discussion group on RS Image Fusion:

Thank you very much in advance for your efforts! I look forward to receiving your contribution.

Kind regards,

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christine Pohl
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