PARTHENOS International Liaisons - Form for adding new organisations and contacts
To add your organisation details to the PARTHENOS Registry and have it included in the International Contacts, please complete this form. This information will be made available in the PARTHENOS VRE and allows researchers to search and find relevant organisations with whom to collaborate.
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E.g. Worldwide, Europe or an individual country. If more than two countries then specify the continent and if more than two continents, put Worldwide.
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Add a second country or continent if applicable.
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Please either specify a name or an admin function and then specify an email address and/or a URL for a contact form in the next two sections
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Classification of areas of interest
Please select all the Humanities disciplines and topics that your organisation covers and is interested in with regard to international liaisons and co-operation. This classification is used as part of the search criteria when looking for relevant organisations and contacts in the PARTHENOS Registry,
Studies of the past
Language-related Studies
Archaeology, Heritage & Applied Disciplines
Social Sciences
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