Workshop Series: Which Ancestors Do We Run Towards?
Taking place over three sequential Saturdays, Which Ancestors Do We Run Towards? is an intensive designed to support spiritual stamina and emotional resilience.

Led by Mev Luna and a series of guest facilitators, each week will focus on a different aspect of intergenerational healing. Exercises focus on visualization and somatic practices while incorporating contemporary theory, technology, and conversation.

Participants are encouraged to attend all three sessions for maximum benefit.**Please note the updated times and dates.

Saturday June 9, 2-5pm: Digital Presencing
Saturday June 16, 2-5pm: By Invitation Only
Saturday June 30, 2-5pm: Deep Genealogy Coaching for the Faint of Heart

About the series:
Much of the digital forms we interact with have unseen calibration methods, perhaps the most well-known would be facial recognition technology. As technology grows smarter, how can we calibrate ourselves in resistance to these measures?
Participants are asked to bring digital images of their ancestors, however they define them.

Participants will first be led by a visualization process to design a liminal space to inhabit that is between their contemporary life and a connection with the ancestral realm. Think of it as a spiritual conference room for a select group of ancestral advisory board members. We will discuss, who is invited and how to retire the others gently. Afterwards, participants will be paired to call upon each of their ancestral advisory boards to work through something together and practice restoration.

Designed for those who struggle with their privilege as well as discomfort with being seen as they are. Conversation will center around the forces of assimilation, how to counter them, and what reclaiming one’s cultural heritage without taking up all the damn space. Participants will be led through a series of exercises designed to become comfortable with being uncomfortable.

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