KSSB Statewide Remote Course Offerings
KSSB is once again pleased to offer a couple of courses for students in Middle School and High School throughout Kansas. These classes to students who do not attend KSSB. These classes do not replace any core content courses but are offered as extra options for students across the state. Students registered for these courses should have independent skills with sending/receiving email and using Zoom. CLASSES BEGIN SEPTEMBER 9TH, SO REGISTER EARLY FOR A SPOT.

Please review the list of options. If you find a course of interest to you - continue through the google form to register for the course or courses. Course Options:

1. Introduction to Podcasting with Bob Taylor (LIMITED TO 10 PARTICIPANTS)
Description: This online class will provide students with opportunities to learn the basics of Podcasting. Students will learn about appropriate technology used, chat language, developing meaningful questions, and how to research current events. This is a REQUIRED COURSE if the student would like to participate in the live broadcasting The live Broadcasting Podcast Course is full at this time and limited to High School Students ONLY, but you can enroll now for the introduction podcasting class now.
Age Group: Middle School or High School students interested in Podcasting
Tuesdays 3:45-4:30 via Zoom

2. Public Speaking with Christian Puett (LIMITED TO 10 PARTICIPANTS)
Description: Public speaking allows participants to become more comfortable when speaking in small or large groups. Participants will enjoy learning how to be informative or persuasive, speak on their feet, use clear emotions, and explore many forms of materials such as song lyrics, poetry, humorous prose, serious prose, skits, or mini-debates. Speaking activities allow participants to work collaboratively with a variety of people as well as strengthen friendships. Proficient reading, writing, & access technology skills preferred.
Age Group: Middle School and High School
Mondays and/or Wednesdays 3:45-4:30 via Zoom

When registration is submitted, students and parents will receive an email from the course Instructor. The Instructor will provide a link with instructions on how to connect with the class on the appropriate day and time. Please contact Aundrayah Shermer ashermer@kssdb.org for any questions.

DISCLAIMER: These courses may be recorded via zoom or include a recording of voice/likeness. Parents of students under age 18 must click YES, below, that they agree to have their child register and participate in the class/classes.
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