Survey of People Who Have Not Taken Part in a Clinical Trial 1
Research4Me is a social enterprise considering developing a platform that helps demystify clinical trials and support people's involvement in them, both as participants and as partners with researchers.

We are running this preliminary survey to get a broad understanding of the how you might use technology, how you support your health journey, and your interest in clinical trials so as to figure out whether extra support would be of value.

You are welcome to complete the survey anonymously. If however, you are open to further contact after this survey, please provide your contact details as we have no other way of knowing who you are.

We anticipate this survey may take 10-20mins, depending on the level of detail you provide in your answers. We hope that you will be as open as you comfortable to be. Responses from this survey will be stored on our Google Drive account until the survey is closed. Once the survey is closed, identifying information will split from the main survey data, though will be reidentifiable through a coded list. To respect your privacy, your responses will be de-identified in any collateral or reports made public as a result of this research, unless you give your explicit permission for responses to be linked to your name in a separate discussion with us.

For surveys completed before 31July, we will be donating $5 per survey completed by unique email addresses to one of three medical research-focussed charities listed at the end of the form that you select (up to a maximum of $300 in total donations).

If you find completing the form too difficult and/or would prefer to provide feedback over the phone, please email MoreInfo@Research4.Me and we will arrange a time that is convenient to speak with you.

Thanks in advance for helping shape the future of Research4Me, and whether there is a need for new support.

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